#WantHooks vs #NeedTangs

At time of going to press you may be familiar with some Shoeture products including the small but flavourful Pins…

…. the punchy ‘Kings’…

..the diagonally inclined ‘Tangs’…

…and the “Look-at-me-now” ‘Hooks’!

Personally I thought I was hooked on Hooks from the very first minute , but will admit, occasionally I’ve looked down at my feet and thought, “I could do with less here.”

The question is, is there a particular kind of shoe that ‘works’ with a particular Shoeture accessory? Also, on what basis would YOU choose a particular accessory? Do you Want Hooks or Need Tangs? All responses are welcome so leave a comment below, and share with a friend!

One thought on “#WantHooks vs #NeedTangs

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