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Today discovered the new video showcasing Jeremy Scott’s designs for Adidas this Autumn / Winter, and am personally pretty impressed. What’s your favourite item?

Love him or hate him, the guy knows what he’s doing, and it’s great to see that the extreme over-reaction to the ‘shackle‘ shoe has not knocked him off his stride. Jeremy, we salute you.

If funky music and funky dancing is your vibe, our people over at B-Better have just released the trailer for their upcoming dance course called ’4 Foundation’

Taking place this August in London, be sure to give them a look. We’re gonna try the popping!

Stay fresh,


Shoeture UK

Ladies, Worldwide – have your say!

Our last public appeal (for models) had an overwhelming response and thank you to all that applied.

We would like to ask the public again to leave an impression on us, but interestingly, we only want to hear from the women this time. (Fellas, continue to read, as ultimately this may benefit you).

Ladies, I want to ask a question:

“In menswear, what item of clothing makes the biggest impression and tells you most about them? What should dudes give the MOST consideration to in their outfit?”

Now, there are no right or wrong answers, and no answer is too short or too long. If you just say ‘hat’, that’s cool, but if you want to go deep on the stitching of Helmut Lang trousers, that is also up to you, ha.

Here comes the fun part – you need to send us your response as a video or a photo with you holding up a sign with your answer on it :-)

Email your vid / YouTube link / Facebook link / picture to shoetureuk@gmail.com and the first 40 responses will be featured in our montage.

The guys need your help!! >_

All contributors that want their Twitter account mentioned in the credits, it shall be done, just say in the email. Oh, and you can call yourself a ‘style consultant’ now ;-)

Entries close 5th May so get filming!


Shoeture UK

Move It 2012 in images (Find yourself!)

Shoeture UK

Our second exhibition this year was at the amazing ‘Move It’ show. The pictures will do the talking!

Thank you to everyone that came through the stand and got busy with us. We were joined by a number of dance glitterati including Kymberlee Jay, Tashan Muir, Ben ‘Free to Dance’ Hammond and many more. Other notable faces were Eastender’s Matt Lapinskas and our first European brand ambassador, Alex Saidac. You can hear Alex’s vocals on our Shoeberia video.

Special thanks have to go out to the team of Matt, Simon, Renata, Nanette, Daniq and Taz without whom the magic could not have been achieved. Further thanks to Owen, Doc and Princeton for their parts played.

Look out for the VIDEO launching soon, Folks!


Earth’s coldest city


Welcome to Yakutsk

Some of you may know I’ve been away in Russia for the month of November working on a dance related project called Unidance which is doing a LOT to introduce quality dance education to different cities around the country and neighbouring countries. Humbled to have been invited for the 4th consecutive year, this time included a trip to the Earth’s coldest city, Yakutsk, where the seasonal average is -30c. It will grow colder over the next 2 months.  Just to qualify how cold it is:

1)  There is carpet on the outdoor stairs so you can actually get some grip

2) Breathing in, you can feel your individual nose hairs.

3) EVERYONE wears an item of fur. Couple this with the taxis with curtains, ‘Krasnaya ikra’ (or ‘red caviar’) crisps, and the fact that I start coughing when I come outside because of the change in temperature and I’ll admit it is a city of some character.

Oh, and the Yakutia region is the centre of the diamond industry in this part of the world.

Visiting the cultural museum with uncut diamonds up to 130 Karats was definitely a ‘James Bond’ moment, ha.


Introducing Shoeture to the students was inevitable, but among some of the better dancers there was a real opportunity to create something. I decided to shoot a video with the best dancers Yakutsk had to offer, added Shoeture and the music of the newest Swedish pop bandit, Alex Saidac, and let everybody show their stuff. For these amateur dancers it was their first experience on a ‘professional’ gig so be ready to applaud. At time of going to press the video is still being edited, but for now you can familiarise yourself with Alex as she features on this Pitbull joint:      You’ll be seeing more of Miss Saidac here at Shoeturistic as she is one of our acts tipped for greatness over the next 12 months. Make note, People!

Happy Shoe Year

Big shout to everyone that took advantage of the 50% discount on Shoeture goods on December 1st. What did you buy?!

If we should have another sale, let us know in the comments if 10 people say ‘yes’ we’ll hold another sale before the end of December. You’re the boss! :o)

See you next time,