White Supremacy: The Truth

Yeah, I know I picked a controversial title for a blog post, but I want the general public to know the truth. Some of you will be well aware of the facts outlined in this post, but for the rest of you, allow me to enlighten.

White footwear rocks.

With summer descending upon us it’s become more and more obvious to me that you NEED to have a pair of white-on-white footwear in your collection so as to make the desired impact this season. So I bought two.

First up was the glorified plimsole known as Vans Authentic.

Outside of boat shoes and actual flip-flops (‘thongs’ to our Australian readers), there are few shoes that say, “it’s sunny and I know it” like a pair of plain white Vans. I obviously had to get some metal on them as soon as possible and opted for Gunmetal Shoeture Tangs.

As expected, they get a load of attention with every wear. (For the record, at time of writing it’s raining so they are BOXED out of harms way currently).

My second supreme white kicks were a totally different prospect. I mentioned in a previous blog that coming from where I’m from, Reebok Classics have long been a staple of the locals, so in homage to the manor, I plumped for the Exofit Hi-tops.

I don’t have to sell ‘em to you, but if you like your trainers clean, you do a lot worse than these goodies. Leather, light and sporting a groovy gumsole, I sense these kicks will have seen a lot of memorable times over the next few months.

“But what about maintenance?!” I hear you cry.

Well fortunately my homegirl, Lem0n Cake, over at Big Eyes Lil Soles has put together a guide to combat general sneaker-distress and help you resurrect previously given-up-on kicks. Enjoy!

Til next time, Gang


P.S. The metal accessories featured in this blog are available to buy >> HERE.

Where to buy Nike Air Yeezy 2’s in the UK

Shoeture UK

This year Nike have dropped a number of kicks that people would (literally, in some cases) die to get their hands on. Trainers such as:

The Air Jordan Concord..

..the ‘Back to the Future’ MAG..

..and The ‘Galaxy’ Foamposites

It’s hard to say which of these shoes was the most coveted, but my personal belief is the MAG was the most exclusive. Roll on 2015!

The most eagerly awaited shoe of the moment however is the KanYe West-designed, Air Yeezy 2.

Ye and Jigga have been rockign tem on their recent ‘Watch The Throne’ tour and and June 9th they will be released right here in UK. Other countries too, but you’ll have to look them up, heh.

The Yeezy’s in either colourway will cost £210, and may not have half-sizes. The 4 outlets that will be selling them in the British Isles are listed below:


Hanon Shop
154 Market Street
AB11 5PP

01224 213452


1948 Bateman’s Row

Shoreditch, London


Yeezy’s go on sale at 12pm, and they’d rather you DIDN’T camp outside. Just saying ;-)

End Clothing

End Clothing
4-6 High Bridge
Newcastle Upon Tyne

0191 231 3983

Go on sale at 9am, and they have requested that you DON’T camp overnight

Foot Patrol

80 Berwick Street
W1F 8TU, London

Running a competition to be ELIGIBLE to buy. Must visit store between Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th June.

If you get your hands on some PLEASE tweet us a picture, especially if this post helped you on your quest. Good luck, Folks!

P.S. If you DON’T manage to get ‘em, you can still get your feet lit up with a set of these!


Shoeture UK

Blog for Shoeture

If you already write a kickass blog and fancy walking around in free Shoeture for the forseeable future, we want to hear from YOU.

As regular readers of Shoeturistic will know, it’s not all “metal-metal-metal” round here, and we’d like to give one or two other fresh writers the chance to have their voices heard. So..

If you are based in UK and already write a blog on style, fashion, trends, clothing, entertainment or are a ‘voice of the people’ and would like to share your words with a broader audience, please email shoetureuk@gmail.com with a link to your blog(s) and a quick lowdown on yourself and why you’d like to write for Shoeturistic. Remember, the right person(s) WILL be walking around in our metal as a thank you, so spread the word.

Stay fresh, Folks,


Shoot me til I’m done!

Follow Shoeture

This last weekend we undertook a little photoshoot for our new flyers and such like and the pictures below are a very SCANT indication of what we got up to.




Thank you, Alex, Abbie, Moose, Carmen & Maggie for fighting through the cold to make it happen and thanks ALSO to everyone that applied to be part of the experience. We have your pictures and information and will certainly come knocking when the opportunity is right. The response was humbling.

Stay tuned for a sneak look at some of the shots we took, and be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out!

Stay fresh,


Shoeture Models desired!

Shoeture UK

We’re looking for aspiring models with these criteria:

1) Interesting faces. If you think people will look at you twice, for whatever reason, apply.

2) Good sense of colour / style. If you don’t know whether you can dress well or not, please do not apply. If you can rock colour confidently, we can talk!

3) Interest in sneaker culture / frequent wearer / collector. If you never wear sneakers or wouldn’t wear sneakers after the shoot, please do not apply. We are hoping to find strong brand ambassadors who we may use again in future.

4) Physically fit. Whether we choose to agree or not, sneakers are, essentially, sportswear. On our shoots we may want to capture movement and if you can’t jump / touch your toes / other normal physical act, please don’t embarrass yourself or us by applying. You wont be running laps, but basic physical ability is, let’s face it, attractive.

If you are based in UK and willing to travel to London in Mid-February, please email shoetureuk@gmail.com with at least one picture, and explain why you would like to do this shoot. Shooting on Saturday 11th February.

Spread the word and follow us on Twitter!


The Shoeture Christmas Sale


Only the REALLY sharp among you will catch this in time.

From 12pm midday on November 30th – Midnight December 2nd (36 hours) ALL items on the Shoeture UK website are half price.

As worn by Les Twins, Beat Freaks and Poreotics, this special is open to UK residents only (though you CAN buy for others).

Your special discount code is “Shoeturistic” which you will need to input on the payment page.


Your goods are guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas, so be sure to tell friends and family.

Please follow us on Twitter (@shoetureUK) for updates and any questions can be posted there or via email info@shoeture.co.uk. The facebook event for those of you that need it is HERE

Happy Shoe Year!


What's your flavor?

Testing, testing!

Sneakers? Trainers? Kicks? Creps? Snaps? Lo-tops? Hi-tops? Runners?

I’ve heard sporting footwear called a LOT of different names and for as long as I’ve been old enough to realise that you don’t HAVE to be a sportsman to wear ‘em, I’ve been ‘a collector’.

Since I’m not really what I would call a blogging aficionado, I’m gonna attempt to write a number of informative posts about this company, Shoeture, I’ve recently had the good fortune to represent and other flavourful (though not always footwear-related) stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

Stay tuned for frequent updates, as I reveal my personal triumphs (and occasional undesired surprises) as the Head of UK Operations for the Shoeture company.