White Supremacy: The Truth

Yeah, I know I picked a controversial title for a blog post, but I want the general public to know the truth. Some of you will be well aware of the facts outlined in this post, but for the rest of you, allow me to enlighten.

White footwear rocks.

With summer descending upon us it’s become more and more obvious to me that you NEED to have a pair of white-on-white footwear in your collection so as to make the desired impact this season. So I bought two.

First up was the glorified plimsole known as Vans Authentic.

Outside of boat shoes and actual flip-flops (‘thongs’ to our Australian readers), there are few shoes that say, “it’s sunny and I know it” like a pair of plain white Vans. I obviously had to get some metal on them as soon as possible and opted for Gunmetal Shoeture Tangs.

As expected, they get a load of attention with every wear. (For the record, at time of writing it’s raining so they are BOXED out of harms way currently).

My second supreme white kicks were a totally different prospect. I mentioned in a previous blog that coming from where I’m from, Reebok Classics have long been a staple of the locals, so in homage to the manor, I plumped for the Exofit Hi-tops.

I don’t have to sell ‘em to you, but if you like your trainers clean, you do a lot worse than these goodies. Leather, light and sporting a groovy gumsole, I sense these kicks will have seen a lot of memorable times over the next few months.

“But what about maintenance?!” I hear you cry.

Well fortunately my homegirl, Lem0n Cake, over at Big Eyes Lil Soles has put together a guide to combat general sneaker-distress and help you resurrect previously given-up-on kicks. Enjoy!

Til next time, Gang


P.S. The metal accessories featured in this blog are available to buy >> HERE.

On Location with Rhimes and Turbo

Shoeture UK

Last month we introduced Tuyara to you all as a teaser to our “Shoeberia” video and were so inspired by the public’s response we have decided to make “Introducing…” a series. Coupled with our ” Want Hooks?” series, you can be assured that interesting content will constantly be uploaded to our YouTube Channel. If you would like to be featured please drop us a line in the comment box below.

Today we went on location with 2 of our new UK-based brand ambassadors, Rhimes and Turbo.

Both widely respected dancers, both have featured on the “Got to dance” tv show and inspired thousands around the globe. Rhimes chose the Gold Tangs and Turbo the limited edition Brushed Steel Hooks, as their accessories of choice for this shoot. You can purchase them here, by the way.

Stay tuned for the next video in our “Introducing…” series which will feature one of these awesome people. We’re dropping it on Monday 16th January so be sure to subscribe to get the look in first! We’ll tweet you when it’s out anyhow :)

Stay fresh, Folks,