Ladies, Worldwide – have your say!

Our last public appeal (for models) had an overwhelming response and thank you to all that applied.

We would like to ask the public again to leave an impression on us, but interestingly, we only want to hear from the women this time. (Fellas, continue to read, as ultimately this may benefit you).

Ladies, I want to ask a question:

“In menswear, what item of clothing makes the biggest impression and tells you most about them? What should dudes give the MOST consideration to in their outfit?”

Now, there are no right or wrong answers, and no answer is too short or too long. If you just say ‘hat’, that’s cool, but if you want to go deep on the stitching of Helmut Lang trousers, that is also up to you, ha.

Here comes the fun part – you need to send us your response as a video or a photo with you holding up a sign with your answer on it :-)

Email your vid / YouTube link / Facebook link / picture to and the first 40 responses will be featured in our montage.

The guys need your help!! >_

All contributors that want their Twitter account mentioned in the credits, it shall be done, just say in the email. Oh, and you can call yourself a ‘style consultant’ now ;-)

Entries close 5th May so get filming!


Shoeture UK

Embracing Instagram

Shoeture UK

With Instagram (the popular photo-sharing app) becoming available for Android phone users (finally), I figured I’d see what the hype was about.

Twitter has obviously been a great way to communicate with you all, and some of you reading this arrived here directly via that means, but Instagram, even in 2 days has already  proven to be a different kind of interactive experience. And a welcome one at that.

Having our ‘followers’ comment on our pictures, gives us a greater sense of what you actually feel which is a lot more of a detailed feedback than a ‘retweet’. If you like something, at least now you can tell us AND start discussion with other people who may like it. I can feel the vibes :)

Expect behind the scenes shots of our videos, photo shoots, day-to-day adventures, and general freshness.

Got Instagram? Follow Shoeture and we’ll be sure to follow back*

1 love, Folks


*IF we think your pictures are fresh ^_^