Where to buy Nike Air Yeezy 2′s in the UK

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This year Nike have dropped a number of kicks that people would (literally, in some cases) die to get their hands on. Trainers such as:

The Air Jordan Concord..

..the ‘Back to the Future’ MAG..

..and The ‘Galaxy’ Foamposites

It’s hard to say which of these shoes was the most coveted, but my personal belief is the MAG was the most exclusive. Roll on 2015!

The most eagerly awaited shoe of the moment however is the KanYe West-designed, Air Yeezy 2.

Ye and Jigga have been rockign tem on their recent ‘Watch The Throne’ tour and and June 9th they will be released right here in UK. Other countries too, but you’ll have to look them up, heh.

The Yeezy’s in either colourway will cost £210, and may not have half-sizes. The 4 outlets that will be selling them in the British Isles are listed below:


Hanon Shop
154 Market Street
AB11 5PP

01224 213452


1948 Bateman’s Row

Shoreditch, London


Yeezy’s go on sale at 12pm, and they’d rather you DIDN’T camp outside. Just saying ;-)

End Clothing

End Clothing
4-6 High Bridge
Newcastle Upon Tyne

0191 231 3983

Go on sale at 9am, and they have requested that you DON’T camp overnight

Foot Patrol

80 Berwick Street
W1F 8TU, London

Running a competition to be ELIGIBLE to buy. Must visit store between Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th June.

If you get your hands on some PLEASE tweet us a picture, especially if this post helped you on your quest. Good luck, Folks!

P.S. If you DON’T manage to get ‘em, you can still get your feet lit up with a set of these!


Shoeture UK

Nike Blazers – What’s the story?

Blazers. Are they ACTUALLY the ‘it’ sneaker if the moment, or did I imagine this?


Clean lines? Yeah, I’ll give ‘em that.

Strong block colours? Yep also noted.

Suede, leather AND canvas uppers – we all love texture.

Nike’s first basketball shoe (1973), clearly has bucketloads of charm, but the question isn’t ‘Why would anyone want this shoe?’ but ‘Why does EVERYONE want this shoe?’

We all love a classic, and classics will tend to be born out of a ‘scene’. For example, LL Cool J, Run DMC and 1st / 2nd generation bboys’ love of an Adidas shell toe ensured that the Superstar became an iconic shoe of hiphop culture.

Growing up in Woolwich (Google it, haha), one of the popular shoes of the early 90′s was definitely the Reebok Classic.

Coupled with the Reebok Workout, Reebok kicks were pretty much a staple in  my area and surrounding counties of Kent and Essex. A ‘working class’ classic, easily acquired in your local First Sport or JD sports back in the day and the Workout recently celebrated its 25th birthday.

The buzz around the Blazer, however is just confusing. Sneakerheads are expected to wax lyrical about a coveted release (eg. Galaxy Foamposites) or a shoe with ‘status’ (Jordans, Yeezys) but ‘normal folks’ are clearly enamoured with this unassuming item of footwear.

I typed ‘Nike Blazer’ into Twitter search on a regular Sunday evening and of the top 10 tweets, most people are going on like they can’t live without them.


Fill me in, Folks. Where’s the hype come from? I have one theory…


…but say it isn’t so!! If ‘The Only Way is Essex’ has truly had an integral part in the meteoric rise in popularity of this unassuming shoe, I have underestimated its influence, haha.

What do YOU think?

I want to hear from Blazer fans, owners, dislikers, and the curious on the rise of this shoe’s popularity. Leave a comment and start the discussion! :-)


Missing In Action? Not at the Super Bowl!

British-born artist, M.I.A., has long been a favourite of ours as much for her cutting edge style as her anthemic party-starter tracks including ‘Boyz’, ‘Paper Planes’ and ‘Bamboo Banga’.

No stranger to ‘controversy’ M.I.A. isn’t afraid to exhibit behaviours and put out videos which, shall we say, inspire conversation, heh. Who could forget the video of the ginger people getting blown up in a minefield? (Link posted at the end of the blog)

Guesting on Madonna’s track ‘Give me all your Luvin’ and performing at the Super Bowl are clear indications that Maya has moved into the next tier as an international artist, but her newest video, Bad Girls, is a real work of art. Enjoy!


Something that caught our eye this week was an interesting shoe designed by Cole Haan.

Did you spot the difference? The shoe on the right is a classic wingtip …with Nike Lunarlon in place as the sole. A novel idea if ever we saw one! What do you think of the design and would you WEAR them? (Thanks to Sneaker Freaker for the images)

Putting unusual materials together can naturally spawn some interesting and creative results, though as this video shows, some results are destined to remain conceptual!

Oh and you can start creating your own winning combination with a visit here.

Stay fresh until next time, Folks, and no, we did not forget the link to the ‘Ginger Genocide’ video mentioned above. It’s here.


Sneaker = Self-destruction?! >_<

Shoeture UK

At a period of the year when the citizens of Earth are getting together with loved ones to celebrate Christmas / Hannukah / Kwaanza / Life, it is interesting to see some REAL chaos taking place in the streets over the last 7 days.

Catching the news on Boxing Day (December 26th, for our readers outside UK) I had to pinch myself when it was reported that a youth was stabbed on the busiest shopping street in the country…

…in broad daylight….

……at a Footlocker store.

You couldn’t make it up.

It transpired the following day that the fight that broke out between the youths involved in this incident occurred because….two rival gangs were having a disagreement over which trainers to STEAL from Footlocker.

I pinched myself again. >_<

It’s probably not necessary to point out how unfeasibly backwards this picture is, but seriously, what pair of sneakers could possibly be SO limited / premium that even the right to STEAL them has to be earned? In this case it cost the victim his life* so judging by recent events across the pond, it could well have been these…

That’s right the much celebrated release of the Nike Jordan Concord 11 on December 23rd resulted in violence in a number of cities across America and one fatal* shooting.

But hey – it’s Christmas.

We look to Kevin to give us some perspective on the behaviour of these sneakerheads(?)

Sneakerheads. Citizens. Hoodlums. At a time of reflection like this let’s consider what we can each do a little differently in the upcoming year that will leave a lasting impression worth bragging about. 2 people have lost their LIVES this last week over issues relating to footwear. Let’s hope the impending arrival of the KanYe West Yeezy 2 on March 24 2011…

…doesn’t spark the same animalistic behaviour.

Apparently, Kanye is ALREADY sketching the Yeezy 3, so we look forward to hearing more news shortly. A little birdie told me that Ye is moving to London to put more into his clothing line, so hopefully he’ll come join us for an interview.

Leaving you with a blast from the past and would love to know how many artists you can name in this video. Leave us a comment!

Hit me on Twitter, YouTube or subscribe here for updates, but be SAFE in the meantime. :)


*Condolences to those that have lost their lives