Taslima Khan – ‘Girl Gang’ sponsored by Shoeture UK

Shoeture UK

When I was approached by an upcoming fashion designer to have my  products featured as part of her collection I was humbled, yet unsure of how it would ‘fit’. Shows how much of a rookie I am to the game, heh, but I had a bag of faith in Taslima Khan and seeing her creations evolve from idea to sketch to physical artistry has been quite the learning curve!

The name of her first collection is ‘Girl Gang’ and is inspired by ‘A world Without Men’ – a book by Helmut Newton. Our crimson Hooks feature on Silver hi-tops.

I’d love to wax lyrical about the fabrics, concepts and craftsmanship, but it’s a better idea to contact Taslima via Twitter, so she can explain her hip-hop and sports inspired work with far greater clarity than I could ever hope to :)

No stranger to modelling herself, Taz is also professional dancer and has appeared at at least 2 exhibitions Shoeture have held this year. Look out for her in our upcoming videos, ‘Move It’ and ‘Ladies say what?’


See you next episode, Party People


Shoeture Models desired!

Shoeture UK

We’re looking for aspiring models with these criteria:

1) Interesting faces. If you think people will look at you twice, for whatever reason, apply.

2) Good sense of colour / style. If you don’t know whether you can dress well or not, please do not apply. If you can rock colour confidently, we can talk!

3) Interest in sneaker culture / frequent wearer / collector. If you never wear sneakers or wouldn’t wear sneakers after the shoot, please do not apply. We are hoping to find strong brand ambassadors who we may use again in future.

4) Physically fit. Whether we choose to agree or not, sneakers are, essentially, sportswear. On our shoots we may want to capture movement and if you can’t jump / touch your toes / other normal physical act, please don’t embarrass yourself or us by applying. You wont be running laps, but basic physical ability is, let’s face it, attractive.

If you are based in UK and willing to travel to London in Mid-February, please email shoetureuk@gmail.com with at least one picture, and explain why you would like to do this shoot. Shooting on Saturday 11th February.

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