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Today discovered the new video showcasing Jeremy Scott’s designs for Adidas this Autumn / Winter, and am personally pretty impressed. What’s your favourite item?

Love him or hate him, the guy knows what he’s doing, and it’s great to see that the extreme over-reaction to the ‘shackle‘ shoe has not knocked him off his stride. Jeremy, we salute you.

If funky music and funky dancing is your vibe, our people over at B-Better have just released the trailer for their upcoming dance course called ‘4 Foundation’

Taking place this August in London, be sure to give them a look. We’re gonna try the popping!

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Shoeture UK

Exhibition Diary 3: Onwards to Move It dance show


Shoeture UK

Crepe City was a smash and now we’re moving on up to Move It later this week. 3 full days with 25000+ dance enthusiasts – this could be fun, ha. A little reminder of Crepe City should allude to what’s in store at Move It



Props to Loose Wires own, Superfly, for coming through, providing a couple of the shots above AND holding down the strong toprock solo in the video you just watched. In the picture above, Superfly rocks Nike Royals with limited edition violet Shoeture Hooks. The boy done good.


Stay tuned for news on Move It, Folks, it will be big!



Boadicea #WantHooks ? It’s a Jump Off!



It’s a fact of life that things don’t always go the way we initially envisaged them, but it shouldn’t stop us from trying, right? Whether it’s threading a needle, ‘shooting’ something into a bin on the other side of the room or parallel parking, for most of us, we wont quit it until we hit it.

This was the concept we used for the first of our ‘Want Hooks?’ video series showcasing different people’s relationship with Shoeture sneaker accessories. We introduced Simon in a previous post  and he wont mind us revealing that it took a LOT longer 1 minute 17 seconds to get those shoes right, ha :)


Want to feature in a future episode or have an idea for us to shoot in future? Just leave a comment below or tweet us with the hashtag #WantHooks


It’s back! Got To Dance, the show that introduced many of us to Parallel, Jukebox Juniors, Akai, Turbo and Chris & Wes, has returned to Sky 1 for its third series and there some pretty serious acts competing for the grand prize of £100000.

Our money is on Boadicea

This London-based group of 12 dynamic females, led by Rhimes Lecointe, are about to become a household name, so remember that you heard it here first. Right?


Today, 9th of January 2012 sees the return of The JumpOff – The UK’s most celebrated hiphop skills battle. With rap, dance and producer competitions to be held fortnightly expect the forums to blow up once more as they have done over the past 8 years. Artists such as Professor Green, Flawless and countless others have risen to fame from this event andthe next generation of stars are ready to take their place.

Still not convinced….?

We’ll see you there! ;) Tickets can be ordered here. Catch the report later this week. Remember to subscribe so as not to miss the news, and tweet what you heard!

Stay fresh, Folks.


Shoeture UK