Shoeturistic meets futuristic!

Hover boards? Android slaves? Talking plants?! We may be a bit far off solving disputes with lasers and light sabers, but it’s clear that technology is moving forward at quite a rate. We take for granted that nearly every electrical device we own can ‘sync’ with pretty much any other and for those that don’t… we can download an app :-)

Let’s have a look at a couple of ‘futuristic’ things that have engaged us recently.

Robot Bunny

In a bid to make Shoeture more easily acquired by the general public, I headed out to West London to find an appropriate retailer and was fortunate enough to stumble upon Robot Bunny


Yes, they have their own comic.

This boutique in Whitely’s, Bayswater is, in fact, a real-life comic with hidden compartments, robotic figurines and angular installations, creating a sense before you even enter that ‘something is gonna happen’.




Brands housed include Robot Bunny (of course) , Benjart, Yes No Maybe and Soapbox among others.



Shoeture is now available to buy instore! (And no, you can’t have my Reebok Monopoly Reverse Jams). Shoeture displayed: Brushed Steel and Matte White Hooks.



Tweet us a picture of your purchase, or better yet, mail us a pic so we can mention you right here in Shoeturistic. For information of where else you can buy Shoeture in UK, visit here.


While we wait patiently for 2015 so Nike can release the self-lacing MAG from the ‘Back to the Future 2′ movie, the good folks at Solebox have been plying us with amazing collaborations which are guaranteed to get heads turning, for the last couple of years.

Starting with the 20th anniversary of the Reebok Pump, Solebox produced arguably the most desirable pair of commemorative footwear of any boutique worldwide, when they produced these goodies…

ULTRA limited at 31 pairs worldwide, I couldn’t get ‘em, then in 2011, they dropped these babies..

…but I didn’t get my hands on those either. I know, I dropped the ball.

Hearing the news that they were dropping the red ones in green this spring, I knew I had to go out on a hardcore limb!

So I had to find someone in Berlin to cop them for me and 30 Facebook messages later, things started to unfold. Here’s a couple pics of their journey!



Finally they arrived in London

Success! With only 250 pairs worldwide, I will admit I have no idea when I’m gonna where ‘em, but it’d better not rain :)


This episode finishes with an online game my sister discovered called Kanye Zone . Don’t want to spoil the surprise, but as you can imagine the game has an interesting soundtrack. If you are familiar with the song ‘N&&*^s in Paris’ you’ll be able to enjoy this for at least a couple of minutes.

Don’t delay, try Kanye Zone now, and tell us in the comments box what you thought!

Til next time, Party People,


Summer fun

Shoeture UK


Apparently, sponsorship is what’s cool in the streets right now (well that and taking other people’s stuff), so I had a ponder over who I would MOST like to see rocking Shoeture on the street and I settled on…

….The Loose Wires!

This motley bunch of international party starters are all creatives in different industries and you can follow their individual exploits HERE!

Now would also be a good time to see how they’ve been rocking Shoeture this month..

                                                 @niksnode, @BBetter


                                              @BBetter, @MagL33To

@LooseWires will be featured regularly here at Shoeturistic :o)


We were invited by one of London’s underground dance icons, D-Lo to be part of the upcoming event, The BuZzz. Taking place at Madame Jojo’s in London’s soho on 22nd August, it will be a gathering of creatives, fashionistas, dancers, artists, musicians and other ‘Cool Cats’.

Got flavour? Then come enter the ‘Swagger battle’ and pick up goodies from a number of sponsors including Trainerspotter, G-Shock and many more. And no, Cher Lloyd will NOT be judging.

Full details can be found here: Buzzzzzzz and the Schmap here: Mapppppp


Bumped into the awesome Peeks and Lolo of Mo-Am at the recent Pure London fashion trade show in Earls Court.

With celebrity news, insightful perspective on real-life issues, health tips and styling suggestions, you NEED to hit their site NOW..

..well, as soon as you finish here, heh heh.

Do it! > <

Taste the Rainbow!

Hope that isn’t a trademarked phrase *gulp*. Anyway, I’m referring to these Crimson ‘Tangs’ that arrived in London last week and are clearly good enough to eat.

Crimson 'Tangs'

Gold 'Tangs'

(L-R) Brushed Steel - Silver - Violet 'Hooks'

(T-B) Gold Pins 'LA' and 'Shoeture'

As you can see, Gold ‘Tangs’, ‘Hooks’ in Violet, Brushed Steel & Silver AND Gold Pins (‘LA’ / ‘Shoeture) also arrived. All of these products are now available to buy online at EXCEPT the Violet Hooks which can only be ordered by emailing

They’re just too rare.

What colours or styles would YOU like to see make an appearance?


A word of warning to anyone wearing Shoeture when they travel this summer: You WILL have to remove your shoes at the airport for the x-ray machine. And if you’re sporting ‘Emperors’ like I was, be prepared to have a joke made at your expense, haha.

See you next time, Folks!