Wham! Get funky!

Shoeture UK

Today discovered the new video showcasing Jeremy Scott’s designs for Adidas this Autumn / Winter, and am personally pretty impressed. What’s your favourite item?

Love him or hate him, the guy knows what he’s doing, and it’s great to see that the extreme over-reaction to the ‘shackle‘ shoe has not knocked him off his stride. Jeremy, we salute you.

If funky music and funky dancing is your vibe, our people over at B-Better have just released the trailer for their upcoming dance course called ‘4 Foundation’

Taking place this August in London, be sure to give them a look. We’re gonna try the popping!

Stay fresh,


Shoeture UK

Exhibition diary 4: The setup

Shoeture UK

Naturally we’re hyped about exhibiting at Move It this weekend so here’s a sneak peek into the set up at Olympia.






Turns out we’re right beside the freestyle stage so you’ll certainly find us easily and be sure to have a chat with the B-Better reps about dance classes they do. You know it makes sense!

Want to know what the Petting Zoo is at our stand? Come visit or catch the next part of the diary :)

Stay fresh, Guys


Crepe on it, Mac!


Crepe by crepe!

Some of you may remember the ‘French’ themed post I did a couple of months ago, and yes I will admit there was a pretty sedate effort to speak the language, but one French word I’m CERTAIN of is ‘crepe‘.

Well at least I WAS!

If anyone can tell us how the word ‘crepes’ became slang for trainers / sneakers, please post it as a comment below, but before you do that, appreciate the event that is Crepe City – The London Sneaker Festival

Shaun from Kazmattazz at Crepe City

Thanks to our people at Kazmattazz we also had the good fortune to exhibit at the event and have been wading through the orders ever since

Shoeture at Crepe City

We’re hoping that this event will come around more often so more collectors are able to exhibit. Yes, Crepe City is THAT popular!

(Props to also due to Trainerholic and Global London)

The B-Connection

Next week (29th September, to be precise) we are gonna be judging the “Dope Pose” competition at B-Better‘s event, The B Connection.

'The B Connection' September 29th

This long awaited event promises to be a night of freshness and flavour, and in featuring former DMC world DJ champion, Psykhomantus, and the first lady of ‘I Love Live’ and ‘Female DJ Takeover’, Melody Kane, we’re preparing to sing along to some party classics, at Villain Bar.

The B-Better team have stated that the first person to recognise which film has inspired the poster and video below, will receive free entry for themselves and 2 guests on the night. Just leave a comment on the blog!

Mac Miller on Nikes

A man that stands a good chance of competing at the ‘Pose Down’ battle at The B Connection is rap superstar freshman, Mac Miller

His hotly anticipated debut album, BlueSlide Park, is released worldwide on November 11, and having caught Mac’s previous mixtape, K.I.D.S., we can vouch for the boy’s skills.

If you haven’t peeped the ‘Nikes on my feet’ video above, what are you waiting for?!

See you at The B Connection, Folks!