White Supremacy: The Truth

Yeah, I know I picked a controversial title for a blog post, but I want the general public to know the truth. Some of you will be well aware of the facts outlined in this post, but for the rest of you, allow me to enlighten.

White footwear rocks.

With summer descending upon us it’s become more and more obvious to me that you NEED to have a pair of white-on-white footwear in your collection so as to make the desired impact this season. So I bought two.

First up was the glorified plimsole known as Vans Authentic.

Outside of boat shoes and actual flip-flops (‘thongs’ to our Australian readers), there are few shoes that say, “it’s sunny and I know it” like a pair of plain white Vans. I obviously had to get some metal on them as soon as possible and opted for Gunmetal Shoeture Tangs.

As expected, they get a load of attention with every wear. (For the record, at time of writing it’s raining so they are BOXED out of harms way currently).

My second supreme white kicks were a totally different prospect. I mentioned in a previous blog that coming from where I’m from, Reebok Classics have long been a staple of the locals, so in homage to the manor, I plumped for the Exofit Hi-tops.

I don’t have to sell ‘em to you, but if you like your trainers clean, you do a lot worse than these goodies. Leather, light and sporting a groovy gumsole, I sense these kicks will have seen a lot of memorable times over the next few months.

“But what about maintenance?!” I hear you cry.

Well fortunately my homegirl, Lem0n Cake, over at Big Eyes Lil Soles has put together a guide to combat general sneaker-distress and help you resurrect previously given-up-on kicks. Enjoy!

Til next time, Gang


P.S. The metal accessories featured in this blog are available to buy >> HERE.

Olympic-sized shine

Shoeture UK





Some of the creative team at the Olympics have kinda taken to Shoeture, and it’s awesome to see the whole room sparkle at their rehearsals.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you any more about the rehearsal process as It’s going to be a BIG surprise at the opening ceremony on July 27th. Stand by, Folks :-)


Shoeturistic meets futuristic!


Hover boards? Android slaves? Talking plants?! We may be a bit far off solving disputes with lasers and light sabers, but it’s clear that technology is moving forward at quite a rate. We take for granted that nearly every electrical device we own can ‘sync’ with pretty much any other and for those that don’t… we can download an app :-)

Let’s have a look at a couple of ‘futuristic’ things that have engaged us recently.

Robot Bunny

In a bid to make Shoeture more easily acquired by the general public, I headed out to West London to find an appropriate retailer and was fortunate enough to stumble upon Robot Bunny


Yes, they have their own comic.

This boutique in Whitely’s, Bayswater is, in fact, a real-life comic with hidden compartments, robotic figurines and angular installations, creating a sense before you even enter that ‘something is gonna happen’.




Brands housed include Robot Bunny (of course) , Benjart, Yes No Maybe and Soapbox among others.



Shoeture is now available to buy instore! (And no, you can’t have my Reebok Monopoly Reverse Jams). Shoeture displayed: Brushed Steel and Matte White Hooks.



Tweet us a picture of your purchase, or better yet, mail us a pic so we can mention you right here in Shoeturistic. For information of where else you can buy Shoeture in UK, visit here.


While we wait patiently for 2015 so Nike can release the self-lacing MAG from the ‘Back to the Future 2′ movie, the good folks at Solebox have been plying us with amazing collaborations which are guaranteed to get heads turning, for the last couple of years.

Starting with the 20th anniversary of the Reebok Pump, Solebox produced arguably the most desirable pair of commemorative footwear of any boutique worldwide, when they produced these goodies…

ULTRA limited at 31 pairs worldwide, I couldn’t get ‘em, then in 2011, they dropped these babies..

…but I didn’t get my hands on those either. I know, I dropped the ball.

Hearing the news that they were dropping the red ones in green this spring, I knew I had to go out on a hardcore limb!

So I had to find someone in Berlin to cop them for me and 30 Facebook messages later, things started to unfold. Here’s a couple pics of their journey!



Finally they arrived in London

Success! With only 250 pairs worldwide, I will admit I have no idea when I’m gonna where ‘em, but it’d better not rain :)


This episode finishes with an online game my sister discovered called Kanye Zone . Don’t want to spoil the surprise, but as you can imagine the game has an interesting soundtrack. If you are familiar with the song ‘N&&*^s in Paris’ you’ll be able to enjoy this for at least a couple of minutes.

Don’t delay, try Kanye Zone now, and tell us in the comments box what you thought!

Til next time, Party People,



Move It 2012 in images (Find yourself!)

Shoeture UK

Our second exhibition this year was at the amazing ‘Move It’ show. The pictures will do the talking!

Thank you to everyone that came through the stand and got busy with us. We were joined by a number of dance glitterati including Kymberlee Jay, Tashan Muir, Ben ‘Free to Dance’ Hammond and many more. Other notable faces were Eastender’s Matt Lapinskas and our first European brand ambassador, Alex Saidac. You can hear Alex’s vocals on our Shoeberia video.

Special thanks have to go out to the team of Matt, Simon, Renata, Nanette, Daniq and Taz without whom the magic could not have been achieved. Further thanks to Owen, Doc and Princeton for their parts played.

Look out for the VIDEO launching soon, Folks!


Exhibitions Diary 2: ‘Prep City’

Shoeture UK

Things are heating up here at HQ. With Crepe City finally arriving today (see previous post), I thought it was important to get a ‘uniform’ so that the general public could spot us easily.


I was tempted to model it for your viewing pleasure but figured I’d leave that to ‘Ten’ (who you’ll meet at Crepe City) or ’1-Girl’ (see video below). They’re the pros :)

Having a look around Oxford Street it became apparent that advertising IN the store is just as important as OUT, so we got these sexy ‘strut cards’ printed to decorate our table.


Fingers crossed, they’ll light the place up!

Might be worth mentioning we’re running 2 competitions at Crepe City. 1 prize is some Shoeture merchandise and the other is 2 free tickets to our exhibition NEXT week, ‘Move It’. Be sure to visit us at Crepe City to be in with a chance of winning.

1 Girl and her Hooks

As some of our supporters know already, we like to drop some interesting videos and you may have a favourite already.

Our new series is called ’1 Girl and her Hooks’, where our lead character, 1-Girl,  shows us how she uses Shoeture Hooks in her day-to-day life, often with hilarious results.

Please enjoy the short trailer, and click through to our YouTube channel to see the first episode :-)

See you at, or after Crepe City, Folks


Missing In Action? Not at the Super Bowl!

British-born artist, M.I.A., has long been a favourite of ours as much for her cutting edge style as her anthemic party-starter tracks including ‘Boyz’, ‘Paper Planes’ and ‘Bamboo Banga’.

No stranger to ‘controversy’ M.I.A. isn’t afraid to exhibit behaviours and put out videos which, shall we say, inspire conversation, heh. Who could forget the video of the ginger people getting blown up in a minefield? (Link posted at the end of the blog)

Guesting on Madonna’s track ‘Give me all your Luvin’ and performing at the Super Bowl are clear indications that Maya has moved into the next tier as an international artist, but her newest video, Bad Girls, is a real work of art. Enjoy!


Something that caught our eye this week was an interesting shoe designed by Cole Haan.

Did you spot the difference? The shoe on the right is a classic wingtip …with Nike Lunarlon in place as the sole. A novel idea if ever we saw one! What do you think of the design and would you WEAR them? (Thanks to Sneaker Freaker for the images)

Putting unusual materials together can naturally spawn some interesting and creative results, though as this video shows, some results are destined to remain conceptual!

Oh and you can start creating your own winning combination with a visit here.

Stay fresh until next time, Folks, and no, we did not forget the link to the ‘Ginger Genocide’ video mentioned above. It’s here.


SHOETURE – Introducing… Rhimes of Boadicea Crew – Official Video!



As promised last post, here is the finished video I shot with the awesome Rhimes Lecointe.

I opted to use fierce, energetic and sometimes comedic song, “212″ by Azealia Banks (who has just signed to Universal), as the soundtrack for this project as I felt it reflected Rhimes’ personality :-)

And please do not take the lyrics too literally, ha

Hope you enjoyed it. Please follow Rhimes and the progress of her 12-strong female hiphop dance crew, Boadicea, as they rise to the top on the Got To Dance tv show.

Subscribe to Shoeturistic NOW, as next episode I’ll tell you where the new place is you can BUY Shoeture sneaker accessories in the UK.

Stay fresh,


Boadicea #WantHooks ? It’s a Jump Off!



It’s a fact of life that things don’t always go the way we initially envisaged them, but it shouldn’t stop us from trying, right? Whether it’s threading a needle, ‘shooting’ something into a bin on the other side of the room or parallel parking, for most of us, we wont quit it until we hit it.

This was the concept we used for the first of our ‘Want Hooks?’ video series showcasing different people’s relationship with Shoeture sneaker accessories. We introduced Simon in a previous post  and he wont mind us revealing that it took a LOT longer 1 minute 17 seconds to get those shoes right, ha :)


Want to feature in a future episode or have an idea for us to shoot in future? Just leave a comment below or tweet us with the hashtag #WantHooks


It’s back! Got To Dance, the show that introduced many of us to Parallel, Jukebox Juniors, Akai, Turbo and Chris & Wes, has returned to Sky 1 for its third series and there some pretty serious acts competing for the grand prize of £100000.

Our money is on Boadicea

This London-based group of 12 dynamic females, led by Rhimes Lecointe, are about to become a household name, so remember that you heard it here first. Right?


Today, 9th of January 2012 sees the return of The JumpOff – The UK’s most celebrated hiphop skills battle. With rap, dance and producer competitions to be held fortnightly expect the forums to blow up once more as they have done over the past 8 years. Artists such as Professor Green, Flawless and countless others have risen to fame from this event andthe next generation of stars are ready to take their place.

Still not convinced….?

We’ll see you there! ;) Tickets can be ordered here. Catch the report later this week. Remember to subscribe so as not to miss the news, and tweet what you heard!

Stay fresh, Folks.


Shoeture UK

Shoeberia vs Batman!



Our long awaited video featuring the amateur dancers from Unidance Yakutsk is finally here! Unidance is an international dance education company founded in St Petersburg, Russia, with branches in a number of cities around Eastern Europe and Asia.

Being invited to work in Earth’s coldest city, Yakutsk, a couple of months ago, gave me the opportunity to choreograph, style and direct this fun, energetic piece. None of the dancers had done any kind of professional work previously, but their passion shines through ^_^

Music is provided by one of our future brand ambassadors, Alex Saidac, who is about to make even greater strides in the European dance music scene. Hit her site NOW!

If you would like to feature in one of our upcoming videos or have an interesting scenario you’d like to be filmed in, leave a comment below or mail shoetureuk@gmail.com.

Now enjoy “Shoeberia”!


Let’s focus on domestic talent for a moment. Earlier this week I stumbled upon an artist named Melody Ellington and was instantly hooked by her inoffensive yet commanding vocals. In this, her latest video, Switching Faces, we get to see Miss Ellington get busy with the boys of Peridot crew.

She’s one to watch so be sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel.


Totally unrelated to anything to do with sneakers but uber-fresh all the same is this interactive Youtube bboy battle between Batman and The Joker. I wont spoil the surprise, but pick your character and go hard!

If you’ve seen any other stop-motion videos that we may like, share it in the comments below :o)


Meet Simon.

Simon recently bought a pair of Shoeture Hooks and agreed to show us how easy they were to attach to his shoes. Naturally, we agreed, hoping that he’d watched the tutorial we put out a few weeks ago. Next episode we will reveal how Simon got on.

Stay fresh, Folks



Happy Shoe Year! (+ The 10 greatest skate shots)


It’s the turn of the year and some of us are still rubbing our eyes and trying to piece together last night’s activities. Thank you, digital camera!

Though I’m deliberately not trying go into the details of spending New Years Eve in south Yorkshire with some of Loose Wires, New Years day has kicked off with real flavour!

Meet Angaa from The Hantu Collective


Hantu Collective is a Sheffield-based unit of designers, musicians, dancers writers and artists with clothing line and print company. With fans around the planet, we suggest you get over to their website, purchase a t-shirt and see what excitement is about to unfold! The Hantu Collective will be featuring periodically here in Shoeturistic so be sure to subscribe ^_^


Great skate!

We discovered this Thrasher and Wired magazine collaboration of the most jaw-dropping skate board images you could ever hope to see.

As stated in a previous blog, I’m no skater, but have got mad love for those that can do a “540 laserflip into nose grind” or something flash like that. Courtesy of Fresh n Good, you can now see 10 of the very best shots right here.


Ok, having re-awakened my inner skater, I have to share this video I first saw on Highsnobiety

Robbyn Magby’s trick, shot by the magic Adam Shomsky, has ALMOST inspired me to give skating another try, so if 10 of you flavourful readers leave a comment saying you want it… I will dust off the old board.

But DON’T laugh if I get injured >_<

Stay fresh til next time, Guys – #HappySHOEyear